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September 21, 2021
Which Home Appliance Use More Energy? &Ndash; Pointloaded

Which Home Appliance Use More Energy?

As a result of uprise in electricity tariffs,  business owners, as well as homeowners are taking proactive measures to cut the cost of utility bills and this will be a great initiative and also of immense benefit to them. Even if many people start energy-saving activities, such as turning off computers when not in use, to avoid the unnecessary operation of fans and other electrical appliances, and they opt for energy-saving household appliances to save electricity bills. Decrease sharply. If you are such a person, it makes sense to understand the energy consumed by various devices so that even if you buy these devices, you can use them wisely when you need them.

Also, some devices are sold with an energy-saving certification, which means that they use less energy than comparable products. Now let’s understand the power consumption of various devices so that you can choose the equipment to buy wisely to your home:

Report shows that space heating devices  consume more electricity (31%), followed by space cooling devices (12%). The remaining energy is usually used by other equipment.

However, other equipment does not consume as much power as heating and cooling equipment. It has been found that refrigerators can consume 8% of the power consumption, while washing machines/kitchen appliances, computers and other electronic devices will consume almost 9% of the power consumption. Lighting equipment consumes 11% of electricity, in second place after heating and cooling equipment.

These are average records, of course, and the numbers will vary based on how long they’ve been running in your home. The longer the equipment that uses more energy, the higher the determined energy cost.

As mentioned earlier, there are now air conditioners with energy-saving certification on the market, and you can check with other manufacturers before actually purchasing one. If you want to know the consumption of a particular household appliance, you can multiply the nominal KWH by the number of hours it is used in your home.

If you use effective air conditioners from the best manufacturers, you can run them for a few hours until your room gets cooler and you can enjoy the coolness all night long.

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