Two Young Boys Burnt To Death For Stealing (Photos)

Two Young Boys Burnt To Death For Stealing (Photos) Pointloaded

Two young boys were on Saturday afternoon burnt alive in Komarock Estate, Nairobi, Kenya, after they were caught stealing mobile phones from a member of the public.


According to Yetunde Morenikeji, the founder of Yetunde Morenikeji Ajani Raji Foundation, who shared the news, residents of the area said the two boys was nabbed by angry boda boda riders who caught up with them just minutes after they stole a phone from a woman.

Two Young Boys Burnt To Death For Stealing (Photos) Pointloaded

Peter Kimani, a shopkeeper and an area resident, said that cases of mobile phone thefts have been on the rise in the estate.

“The boys had just stolen the phone from a lady and were running away when they were nabbed, beaten and then set ablaze alive,” he said.

Another area resident, Mr Alan Kariuki said that the charged crowd even took some parts of a motorbike and used them to light the fire that ended the lives of the two boys.
“They removed part of the motorcycle, bought petrol and used it to end the lives of the two young boys,” he said.

Buruburu police boss Adamson Bungei asked the youth not to involve themselves in crime but also condemned incidents of mob justice.
“It is time the youth stop involving in crime since the fruits are so bitter. But members of the public should also not take action into their own hands,” he said.

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