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September 21, 2021
Top 6 Benefits Of Ipe Wood Decking &Ndash; Pointloaded

Top 6 Benefits Of IPE Wood Decking

The beauty of the Ipe wood deck is that it can stand the test of time. Most people do not need to replace it throughout their lifetime. In this article, I will enlighten you on the top 6 benefits of Ipe wood decking and why you should choose it.

Here are the benefits and why you should choose IPE.

1. Fire resistance

The Ipe wood is often recommended for decking of the rooftop. The use of Ipe wood offers a measure of fire protection, especially in urban areas where buildings are very close to each other and rooftop deck is a major fire hazard, using Ipe wood will help reduce the incidence of fire disaster.

Depending on your location or where you live in the country, your fire hazard risk may be high, Therefore, you may want to use materials/wood that reduces the risk of a fire incident. One of the main advantages of Ipe wood is, it is naturally fire-resistant wood.

It is the best choice for building a deck, especially in an area that is prone to fire disaster.

2. Insects resistance

The Ipe wood is resistant to insects attack and can be attributed to its natural oils as well as its density.

Since the tree grows in an environment where there are many insects it needs natural protection from these invaders and the tree itself is resistant to insects attack, therefore, you do not have to spend much money or time to make the deck insect repellent and this can save you a lot of money.

It is a huge advantage to people who own decks, as they would be no need for them to waste their time thinking about insect-proofing outdoor space.

3. Naturally resistant to rot

The IPE wood is grown in the rainforest. And trees in this type of forest contain very dense tree fibres as well as unique natural oils which make them rot resistant.

The Ipe structure protects it from the growth of fungi as well as moulds. These fungi and moulds are capable of causing rot in the wood.

It is a common problem that owners of decks face. You won’t have to worry about rot with a deck made from Ipe wood because this wood will last forever.

4. Heat Dispersion

Unlike plastic or composite decks, which retain heat, Ipe wood can disperse heat thereby keeping your deck nice and cool, Ipe wood has a low heat retention rate and rapidly disperses the heat it absorbs from the sun.

Constructing the deck with a particular space between the ground and the deck can improve the heat dispersion effect, hence increasing the natural heat dispersion of the Ipe wood. This can keep your deck cool throughout the summer.

5. Low-Maintenance

The Ipe wood is a dense hardwood and it doesn’t require maximal care, hence minimal care is required. Ipe doesn’t contract and expand as much as other materials during changes in temperature or moisture, hence it will survive years of daily use without splintering or cracking.

When using Ipe wood you do not need to sand down your deck every 2 to 5 years to keep a smooth surface and also you won’t have to waste money and time replacing broken boards.

You do not need to seal your Ipe decking. Over time, the wood will turn to a sun-bleached silver colour. As long as the aesthetic works for you, there is no reason you have to seal the deck. Sealing it will help maintain the warm tones, but it doesn’t increase the strength and durability of the deck, Ipe is strong and durable without it. Other than that, your Ipe decking requires little to no maintenance.

6. Robust and stylish

When buying wood for a project, you are usually faced with the question of fashion or functionality and it not so with Ipe wood.

The Ipe wood is beautiful and also durable, so you can make full use of both worlds, and the wood is also known for its smooth uniform texture, the grain of the wood is fine and it is known for its red tones and warmth.

7. Harsh chemicals not required

Due to the natural insect’s resistance and rotting of Ipe wood, they are no need to treat the Ipe wood with harsh preservatives or chemicals.

Ipe is known to last for 25 years upward even if unpressured treatment is given, with proper care the Ipe wood can lasts closer to 100 years. Even without harsh chemicals, the wood is very good.

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