NBA States Position On FG’s Plan To Regulate Social Media

NBA States Position On FG's Plan To Regulate Social Media Pointloaded

The Nigerian Bar Association, (NBA) has faulted the Federal Government’s moves to regulate social media.

NBA President, Olumide Akpata believes the timing is suspicious.

The NBA President made the position known when he appeared on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics.

He insisted that social media is regulated already, wondering if the government is planning to shut it down completely.

“Are we saying regulate or shutdown? What are we saying because we hear them using regulate? We hear the minister of Information use the word ‘sanitize.’ I just say to myself, ‘what are we trying to do?’ The timing is suspicious,” he said.

Akpata admitted that there are irresponsible users of social media but pointed out that there are already established laws to deal with such kinds of persons.

“And if we need to tweak the laws here and there, as we amend our laws every day to meet with issues that may come up that were not previously contemplated, we are all well and good,” he argued.

He said trying to completely shut down social media, which he suspects those in authority are planning to do, is not going to work.

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