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September 21, 2021
How To Take Care Of And Maintain Home Appliances &Ndash; Pointloaded

How To Take Care Of And Maintain Home Appliances

Home appliances or household appliances are very essential in everyday life and these appliances have made our lives much easier, as we derive maximum comfort as well as convenience when using these appliances. This man-made equipment can stop functioning if not maintained properly. Caring and using these appliances correctly prolong their lifespan.

How to take care of and maintain home appliances.

Here are important home appliances use on daily basis and how to care of and maintain the home appliances.

1. Washing machine

In taking care of your washing machine wash smaller loads. Large loads can reduce the lifespan of your washing machine. Do not wash your huge carpets and rubber mats in the washing machine.

Clean and wipe the inside drum of the washer with a damp cloth either one or two times a week, as that would remove any type of dirt, soapy residue, left threads from clothes.

When you are done washing and drying clothes, keep the door open so that the dampness can evaporate.

Always Inspect your washing machine hoses from time to time as most washing machine floods are caused by leaks in the hose. Make sure you check the hoses that connect to the back panel on your washing machine for any leaks, cracks, or weak spots on the hoses. If you find any deformities, replace the hose immediately. And at minimum, you can replace the hoses every 4 to 5 years.


Do not overload your refrigerator with food items, as overloading it makes the compressor work more to keep food and beverages cold and fresh, as much electricity-power will be needed. Also, understand which food to store wherein the refrigerator.

3. Microwave

Don’t put any metal container or utensil or any object having metal trim inside the microwave. And always make sure you remove the aluminium foil from the food item before putting them inside the microwave to prevent any fire incident.

Don’t heat any flammable beverage or food inside the microwave to avoid a fire hazard.

Do not heat any sealed food container or packed food or beverage item. Always remove the seal first and then heat items to avoid explosion.

Do not cover the top of your microwave when in use.

Clean any stains or food spills inside the microwave after use to prevent any bad odour.

4. Air conditioner filter.

Dirty filters can restrict airflow in your air conditioner as well as reducing energy efficiency as well as the lifespan of the appliance. As a result, filters should be cleaned every two to four weeks.

When you want to clean the filter, first of all, remove the front panel of the unit. If a reusable filter is in place, vacuum it to remove as much dirt as possible. Disposable filters can simply be replaced.

5. Oven door

Always verify your oven door has a tight seal, if not properly sealed your oven can lose much of its heat. The result is that food takes longer to cook or cooks unevenly.

To check for the seal’s condition, open the oven door and locate the rubber or fibreglass gasket around the perimeter of the door.

Feel for any broken, torn, or deformed areas, and close the door to see if you can find any leaks. If you do, replace the seal as soon as possible.

Maintaining and caring for these home appliances will give them a longer operating life as well as reducing or even saving the amount of money spent in repairing them for other things.

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