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Wooden decks require proper care and maintenance like most outdoor surfaces, the decks offer a sustainable and natural beauty which are very attractive. Most outdoor materials possess three main adversaries which are; Dirt, water and sunlight (UV). If wooden decks are protected from the above mentioned adversaries they will have great  longevity and durability. If a deck has been neglected do not worry as the natural beauty can still be rejuvenated.

Below are four steps that will help you restore and maintain a deck.

1. Inspect and fix the wood deck

Inspecting and fixing the deck is the first step to take in restoring a wood deck, take a moment and check the decking for missing or protruding screws or nails. Drive below the surface of the wood any fasteners that may be poking up and replace those that are missing.

2. Clean the wood deck

It is often amazing how much better a wood deck can look with just a simple cleaning. Any detergent can be used, you can also consider Trisodium phosphate (TSP) available from most paint retailers, and in stores, follow the directions for use and mix the powder with water, then wet the deck and surrounding vegetation with a garden hose, then apply the cleaning liquid, work it into the surface with a long-handled scrub brush and rinse, then add a cup of chlorine bleach to the cleaning solution if there is evidence of algae on the deck.

3. Brightening

There are a good number of deck brighteners available in stores, but you can make your own by adding oxalic acid (a powdered bleach) to warm water and make sure to put on protective gloves as well as eye protector. Apply the brightening mixture with a long-handled brush but before that pre-wet the surface of the deck. Despite the cleanliness of the deck it can still look a bit discolored from sunlight or staining.

Despite the cleanliness of the deck it can still look a bit discolored from sunlight or staining.

4. Sealing and Staining

Sealing and staining the deck is the final step in restoring a deck, helping it stay bright and clean. When the deck is bright  and clean, the idea is to keep it that way.  Applying a good quality deck sealer and know that deck sealers work in two main ways which are as follows: They prevent the wood from becoming saturated with water, then drying out. This wet/dry cycle can cause cracking and checking. The sealer interrupts this process by preventing water from penetrating. Sealers can also block potentially damaging ultraviolet light.

Sealers can also contain pigments that add color to the deck. Consider using either transparent or semi-transparent colors. Opaque colors tend to obscure the wood grain and can wear off in high traffic areas, leaving visible wear paths.

For effective application try using a painting pad. It applies the sealer smoothly and evenly and the short bristles allow you to work the sealer into the surface of the wood—making for a more durable coating.

Periodic cleaning of the deck and re-application of sealer will make it look good, it is the easiest way to keep a deck looking at its best.

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