#EndSARS Protest Politically Motivated – Bello

#EndSARS Protest Politically Motivated –  Bello Pointloaded

Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello on Tuesday said the End SARS protest was politically motivated.

Though Gov Bello refused to mention names, he revealed that the protest was motivated by politicians and those he said have continued to gain from same.

He said, “Whether anybody says it or not, I am saying it again and quote me anywhere, any day, the protest was politically motivated.”

Speaking on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, Gov Bello wondered why the protesters continued to increase their demands whenever government decides to grant the initial ones.

He also queried why the protesters decided not to have a leader.

“Why would they demand five items and 5 of 5 were granted but (they) were not taken? Which struggle, agitation or uprising has ever succeeded without leadership?” he queried.

Bello said he agreed with the youths 100% on the protest, saying however that, “but if you look at what is happening today, you have no option than to classify it (the protest) as being politically motivated.

According to him, “this is just a ploy to set we, the youth of this nation against one another, ” Bello submitted.

Asked, the Governor said the End SARS protest “was motivated by those who set them up by the politicians who have hands in End SARS; by those who continued to shift the goal post when the demands were met; by those who continued to profiteer from it.”

The End SARS protest, which was initially peaceful was later hijacked by hoodlums in different parts of the country.

It later resulted in killings, arson, looting and wanton destruction of property.

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