Bauchi Teenage Herders Arrested For Gang Rape

Bauchi Teenage Herders Arrested For Gang Rape Pointloaded

Three teenage Fulani herders arrested in Bauchi State for allegedly gang-raping a girl in Itas/Gadau Local Government Area, said they committed the crime because they wanted to experiment what they watched in pornographic videos.

The suspects who spoke separately in an interview with journalists while being paraded at the Police Command headquarters in Bauchi on Wednesday narrated the role they played in committing the crime.

The prime suspect, Mamman Jauro, (15), the eldest amongst them said they only saw their victim in the bush and conspired among themselves to commit the crime.

He said, “I live in Itas/Gadau LGA, I am a cattle rearer, I used to be a student of a Qur’anic school there but I have stopped attending. Now, I am fully rearing cattle. I was brought here (Police Command headquarters) because I raped a girl.

“She is not my wife, we only saw her in the bush where we were rearing our cattle. Her name is Nasaiba but I didn’t know her before, I just heard her name when we got here, she is not Fulani but a Hausa girl, I don’t know her age too.”

Jauro further said, “I decided to rape her just because I had an urge. I have been watching pornographic videos on my phone so I have been seeking an opportunity to experiment. I also inserted my penis into her mouth just as was done in the porn videos I watched.

“I started enjoying the action when my friend pushed me away so that he too can have a taste.”

The teenager who expressed regret for his action vowed, saying, “I will not repeat it again. I am begging for leniency.”

Another suspect, Buba Abdu (14), who also took a turn to rape the girl said, “After Mamman finished, I took my own turn to rape the girl.”

He added, “I was together with Mamman, we raped the girl, Nasaiba, in the bush in Itas. It was last week Friday that we committed the crime.

“We saw them in the bush where she and her sisters went to pluck some fruits. We ran after them, while others escaped, she fell down and we took advantage of her but it was only the two of us, the third person only held her while we violated her”.

The third suspect, Buba Saleh (13), said that he did not take part in the act but “only held her for a little while to enable them (pointing to his friends) have their turns.”

He said, “We were arrested by the police and brought here because we committed an offence of forced sex with a girl at a village called Dogon Awu in Itas/Gadau LGA.

“We were in the bush rearing our cattle when we saw six girls going back home. We chased them, and in the process, the victim fell down while others escaped. I then pinned her down while Mamman first raped her and also inserted his penis into her mouth.

“I held her by the hand for a while after which I left her and walked away from the scene. Thereafter, I did not know what happened until we were arrested by the police and brought to this place.”

He said that the trio was arrested following a report lodged by the victim and her parents as she was able to identify the suspects.

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