Austin Okai Gives Kogi Deputy Gov, Onoja 48 Hours To Retract Impersonation Allegations

Austin Okai Gives Kogi Deputy Gov, Onoja 48 Hours To Retract Impersonation Allegations Pointloaded

A renowned political activist and blogger from Kogi State, Usman Okai Austin, who was accused of impersonation by the Kogi State Deputy Governor, Edward Onoja has given him 48 hours ultimatum to take down his unfounded allegations on his official Facebook wall.

Austin Okai Gives Kogi Deputy Gov, Onoja 48 Hours To Retract Impersonation Allegations Pointloaded

Usman Okai Austin disclosed this while addressing newsmen yesterday in Lokoja. the Kogi State capital, Okai was quoted as saying, “I will never stoop so low and to impersonate a character whose name does not resonate politically in Kogi State political terrain. Edward Onoja is a chronic noise Maker and I am ready to lock horns with him on this defamatory allegations”.

Speaking further, the political activist vowed to institute a legal action against the careless utterances of the Deputy Governor. Which he will definitely face after the expiration of the immunity that is currently shielding him. Further stating that the behavior of Edward Onoja is part of the abuse of immunity clause of some public office holders. Hence, the time has come for the National Assembly to revisit that particular clause as it has become a shielding cover for criminal activities of those that are enjoying it.

Part of the statement Read:

For over four years, you have done everything to destroy and soil my hard earned reputation. Just like the devil, you will not give up easily and here is another attempt from a frustrated character like you, Okai Lambasted.

It is obvious, the position of Deputy Govenor is still not helping in your quest for more power. Whoever is seen as a threat to your plot to conquer the entire Igala Kingdom will always have you to face. I am aware of this, I am also aware that my name is on the list of your next victim to be assassinated in Anyigba or somewhere else around Kogi state or Abuja and part of your plans is to come to media and accuse me of what I know nothing about.

You may have immunity, that I know, but Edward Onoja, the whole world will hear me and you this time around. When “Austin Anibe Utene” raised an alarm of your plot to get me eliminated, today you have started moving toward that perilous path I promised to avoid. I will dig it squarely this time around without Mercy.

It is obvious the Deputy Govenor is unaware of the attributes attached to his office, hence his reckless utterance on social media like a common tout and an online thug. I am aware he is now a victim of a dwindling personality.
By the way, who is Edward Onoja? What good name do you have that is worthy of impersonation?

Your name is tantamount to evil, looting and other Vices, you are just ignorantly confused. You should have it in mind that he who alleged must prove. Displaying my personal number on that your God forsaken page is another crime and a plot by you toward assassinating me, as it was previously alleged by Austeen Anibe Utene.

How can a sitting deputy Governor descend this low? Your social media activities has brought more shame and embarrassment to the suppose respected office of a deputy Governor. I shall Leave no Stone unturned on this issue since your reckless attitude is becoming unbecoming.

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